Scott Hamilton will be here to play, with Bruce Hamada, Kiyoshi Morita and Akira Tana, on Oct. 25th. A ticket for a person is being sold at 10 thousand yen, with a thousand yen being deducted for pre-paying until Oct. 10th. Please make reservation thru emails to info@jazz-farout.jp or calls to 045-261-5635. Thank you!


The great jazz pianist, Monty Alexander played here at FAROUT on October 29th. 2015. Monty (piano),  Hassan Shakur(bass), Dennis Mackrel(drums), Caterina Zapponi(vo). All of the customers enjoyed their performance very much. Now, on Dec. 5th. Linda Purl will be here, and she’ll sing at least a song in Japanese, because she had been in Japan at her infancy, ten years or so, and be able to speak Japanese fluently.

Jazz Club FAROUT

♪ FAROUT is located 10 minutes walk from JR Kannai St.. Here you can eat and drink with live music of jazz, bossa nova and others every night.

♪ We have many kinds of pasta cuisine, ethnic dishes and drinks, some of which are, to name a few, Lamb with Indian curry taste, Pork with jarapegno (Mexican style), Pizza natura (pizza with cheeze, pine seeds, pumpkin seeds and others on it, of FAROUT style), Hot apple pie with ice cream, Masara chai, Efflorescent Oolong tea (a big tea leaf in a glass tea pot with hot water blooms out into a flower) and more than twenty kinds of tasty herb tea, and so on and on and on……

♪ Open from 6:30pm to 12pm (open seven nights a week).

♪ Charge price 1000yen—2800yen (depends on performers). No charge before the music starts and only 500yen charge after 10:30pm.

♪ Music begins from 7:30pm (depends on performers).

♪ Reservation → phone 045-261-5635 → email

Singers and musicians, pro or not pro, who want to be booked at FAROUT could anytime give us applications by phone call or email.

phone 045-261-5635